wpe1.gif (41484 byte)La basilica di S. Trofimena




it goes up again at the end of the seven hundred one.   Was built by the foundations owing to  ancient documents in place of the old small and inadequate Romanesque church for the demands of the cult locale. It  introduces with an inside articulated by three aisles with little lateral altars , ,transept , wide   presbiterian area , closed by an apse. An imposing altarpiece of  to the second halves the XVI sec. representative the Crucifixion, attributed to Mark Pino by Siena  An  active manierista in the whole Neapolitan. The decoration typically proposes forms and motives barocchi with angelic heads, injured of it and capitals, geometric and floral figures harmonized in a whole very sober, delicate and linear. Other important pieces that enrich the basilica are a table representing  the Madonna of the Rosary with Saints dated 1590, a cloth representing  the baptism of Jesus of the first halves five hundred, a 1610 marmoreal ambone and so many other works of sure value and artistic merit. The holy protecting Trofimena to which the inhabitants of Minori  are strongly tied suffered the martyrdom under Diocleziano. Its cult is documented to Smaller since the VI  century  AD, when spread following the arrival of her preserved relics in a refined person marmoreal urn in the beautiful crypt today it posts under the most greater altar. This last is work of the Little boy, sculptor of relief in the solar panorama of the Baroque Neapolitan. The fašade is tall and slender and  is adorned with sculptural groups of eighteenth-century invoice that crown the three portals of entry . The bell tower  is in style neoclassico. The building surfaces are articulated from injured with Corinthian capitals, eardrums and semicolonne of it.  To the base a practicable portico of matrix "albertiana" it determines the full insertion of the work in the nature and in the life of the little contry 

 Maurizio Ruggiero